Party Options (for male striptainers)

Party Lights + $30

Party Lights are only $30 and really help to get the mood right.  And best of all, you get to KEEP the lights so you can keep on partying! (party lights may vary in size, shape and brand)

Food and Drink Delivery + $40

Looking to grab some grub but don’t want to pay for a cab to pick it up?  Have our sexy Striptainer deliver it to you in style!  Foods can include cake, pizza, cupcakes, pancakes, you name it.  And we can deliver any type of drink that’s non-alcoholic.


Rookie Ride Along + $120

When you want a second dancer but are on a budget and not picky, we will send you a second dancer that is a “rookie”.  A rookie is someone who has passed all of our tests but hasn’t danced at a party by himself so this would be the chance for you to break him or her in!

Full Monty Flash Ending + $50

The Full Monty Flash Ending is only $50 and guaranteed to give the guest of honor an ending they’ll never forget!  (applicable to male striptainers only)


Full Monty Flash Dance + $100

The Full Monty Flash Dance is when you want the Striptainer to not only flash the guest of honor, but give the whole party a chance to see what he working with! (applicable to male striptainers only)

Full Monty Shower Ending + $200

The Full Monty Shower Ending is when you want the Striptainer to do a sexy teasing shower performance!  (optional, available for male striptainers only)