Now you can experience a LIVE ONE-ON-ONE MUSCLE WORSHIP session with one of our muscular studs!

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Here’s what’s included:

  • Your Muscle God will show up to your house/hotel.
  • You can have him dress nice or casual or whatever you like.
  • Your Muscle God can also perform a sexy striptease as he gets undressed into the clothing you decide ahead of time (shorts, g-string, speedos, etc)
  • You are able to WRESTLE, give or receive BODY RUBS (we can’t say massage as we are NOT licensed massage therapists), KISSING or LICKING muscles (by permission of Muscle God only).

DISCLAIMER: We are a legitimate licensed and insured agency and we obey the laws regarding outcall entertainment.   We cannot and will not promote or sell the promise of sexual contact whatsoever.  We promise that the man you order is the man who arrives.  We never fake and bait.  Our men are kind, passionate, fun, free spirited and open minded.  Whatever happens during your muscle session is up to the two of you as consenting adults. We advise to obey all necessary laws.

With that being said, don’t be shy or afraid to give us a call!  You can also text or email us.  When ready, click “BOOK NOW” to reserve your Muscle God for a muscle worshipping session you’ll never forget.

What is Muscle Worship?

Muscle worship (also called sthenolagnia) is a form of body worship in which one participant, the worshiper, touches the muscles of another participant, the dominant, in a sexually arousing manner. The practice of muscle worship can involve various wrestling holds and lifts, as well as the rubbing, massaging, kissing, or licking of a dominant’s body. Although muscle worship participants may be of any gender or sexual orientation, the dominant (often a professional bodybuilder, fitness competitor, or wrestler), is almost always an individual with either a large body size or a high degree of visible muscle mass, while the worshiper is often, but not always, skinnier or smaller.